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Omnigaze is the annual action during which people in different locations around the world join together to direct their looks towards the same point into the sky.

The ultimate number of people involved in the action would be the population of the world.

Attendees can perform the action in any location, individually or in groups. Adjusting the direction of the gaze for each individual is achieved by using an omnigaze device.

The 12th omnigaze took place on Sunday 21-8-2022 at 12:00hr GMT (Equivalent to 14:00 Amsterdam time).

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8th omnigaze – Tolhuistuin Amsterdam – August 2018

Omnigaze device

To find the shared point of view in the sky, the omnigaze attendees use the omnigaze device.
The current omnigaze device (version 2) uses the the sun, horizon and attendee’s location to determine this shared view point. The device can be downloaded as a file, printed on an A4 paper and then cut and folded.

The omnigaze device is calibrated for regions of Reykjavik, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Athens, Tehran and Baghdad. Other locations can also be included upon request.

In the following video omnigaze device is introduced and instructions for using it is provided:

Omnigaze device download:
Omnigaze device download

Omnigaze device is also available in German and Farsi:
Omnigaze device
ابزار اُمنیگیز

Omnigaze action instructions

(based on omnigaze device version 2)

Please try the instructions and practice with the device beforehand so that you can concentrate better at the the action of looking when the omnigaze moment arrives.

Also please be reminded that the omnigaze moment is 12:00hrs in GMT. You need to covert this time to your local time. For example for Amsterdam, that would be 14:00hrs.

While reading the instructions, consult the omnigaze device picture above. What you see in the picture is the correct and final alignment of the device from the view point of an omnigazer.

It is advisable to wear shades especially in the presence of intense sunlight.

– Stand towards the sun.

– Using your right hand, hold the device with the tip of your fingers in a way that the device’s ‘Horizon’ line is kept horizontal and the side of the device with the city points faces you.

– Extend your arm

– Raise the box above to your eye level and while keeping the ‘Horizon’ line horizontal make sure that you can look throught view finder.
In the view finder and from your perspective, the black triangle in the front of the box should just touch the hollow triangle at the back of the box. (Consult the omnigaze device picture)

– While maintaining your view throught the view finder, and by moving your arm, adjust the angle of your arm until the lower edge of the sun light notch lays on the city of your location.

– Now the view finder is showing you the point of omnigaze in the sky. Concentrate on that point.

– Make sure you continue your look for sometime after the moment of omnigaze is passed.

Future development

Other methods for unifying the direction of gazes of the attendees are to be studied and developed. This may include development of omnigaze devices that rely on celestial objects other than sun.

To be informed about further developments and get announcements about the future omnigaze actions leave your Email address here:


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