omnigaze device version 1

Omnigaze device version 1

Omnigaze device ver. 1 – On the right the correct position of the shadow is visible. In the middle is the viewfinder through which one needs to guide her look.

Omnigaze device 1 is the older and the first version of the omnigaze device. This version is more complex to build and is not updated anymore for omnigaze attempts after the version 2 was introduced.

Version 1 of the device is also made out of paper. It can be cut out of an A4 page and folded and glued according the instructions.

This device also works based on the location of the sun and horizon. The participant then can look through the viewfinder to direct his/her look.

You can download the PDF file of the device cut-out here:


You need to print the page in 100% scale and follow the cutting and assembly instructions.
Although these instructions are provided on the page, here you are presented with a tutorial video in which the different steps for making the device are explained: