Notes after the 7th omnigaze

While performing the omnigaze and at the moment of omnigaze, it is important that the attendee is aware and thoughtful of the fact that he/she is taking part in a collective action. This can/should be added to the instructions.

Can you hear me? Can you hear me? Can you hear me? For the last time. For the last time. (Shadow, Chromatics)

It was apparent that two weeks notice for omnigaze is far too long. Either there should be a mechanism or reminding or the announcement should be made later (at least to the attendees).

In the meantime a facebook event page can be beneficial. It for sure will not reflect the total number of attendees but it can be a tool for many to be reminded.

Another possiblity is to send already printed omnigaze looker cut-out pages to the attendees in advance. For example, the first email can ask for the postal address of attendees.

In Leiden and where I performed the omnigaze, the sky opened up only minutes before the omnigaze moment at 2PM. An opening that lasted enough for the omnigaze to be performed.

Here is a sequence showing the sky situation towards the omnigaze moment:

And the is the documentation of me performing Omnigaze in my backyard. Moment of 2 o’clock is can be noticed because of the church bells.