8th omnigaze – preannouncement/offering omnigaze device kit


Dear Friends,

Time for this year’s omnigaze is approaching.

The 8th omnigaze is going to take place late July or early August of 2018.

*You will be informed about the exact date and time in a later Email.*

*For this year a number of omnigaze device kits are available that can be mailed to your address. For details, please see below.*


Omnigaze is the action during which attendeesregardless of their geographic location-share the action of looking at the same point in the sky at the same time.

The ultimate number of people involved, would be the population of the world.

To find the shared point of view in the sky, the omnigaze attendees use the omnigaze device. The current omnigaze device uses the the sun, horizon and attendee’s location to determine this shared view point. The device can be downlaoded as a file, printed on an A4 paper and then cut and folded-as depicted in the picture below.
The omnigaze device is calibrated for regions of Reykjavik, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Athens, Tehran and Baghdad. Other locations can also be included upon request.

For more information about the omnigaze, omnigaze device and the previous omnigaze attempts, please visit:
Omnigaze device kits
For this year’s omnigaze, a limited number of omnigaze device kits will be available that can be mailed to your address. Each kit includes the already cut-out omnigaze device, instructions to perform the omnigaze and information about the concept and its background.
If you like to have an omnigaze kit, please provide me with your postal address as soon as possible so that you can receive it in time. Also, as the number of prepared kits is limited, the sooner you inform me the higher the chance that you would get one.

Until next time when the exact moment of 8th omnigaze will be announced.



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